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Ever since I bought the game (4 months ago or so), I've gotten this error. I've tried every solution listed on every thread on this website regarding my issue. My last 2 threads got deleted because I came back on the first one asking why there wasn't a solution and if I could get a time frame on when I'd be able to play.


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Trying to join a server after doing everything I could find or think of to fix the issue.

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I have verified my game cache, reinstalled the game, backed up and recovered my DayZ files, ran as administrator, disabled all firewalls including Windows Firewall, added and exception for DayZ in my Windows Firewall with it turned on, tried joining many many servers, using the "remote" option to try and join a server. I have NOT tried using someone else's internet or computer. My friend has the exact same PC as me with the exact same parts purchased on the same day with the exact same drivers and version of windows and he has no issue joining servers. I really have no clue what the issue could be and would really appreciate some good help.

I also have no record of any VAC ban and my Steam account is not restricted.

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This is how you fix it. I tried everything you listed, but once i did this it finally worked. Go to steamapps in the steam folder and moved it to your desk top. Then once its on your desktop, moved dayz out of the common folder in steamapps and deleted it. Make sure the steamapps is still on your desktop and uninstall steam. Once you have steam uninstalled, install a new version of steam. Once the new version of steam is installed, go to the new steamapps folder in the steam directory and move everything from the old steamapps folder on your desktop to the new steamapps folder. Once you did that, install dayz again and it should work.

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Thank you so much! I really appreciate it. I really wish there was some way I could pay you. Any way you Admins/Devs could give this kind person the $30 I paid for the game since they're the only reason I'm going to be able to play it now?

No, but seriously if you could E-Mail me with a PayPal E-Mail I'd gladly give you a little something for helping me out. It's kind of a big deal for me since I've been waiting 4 months to play! My email is

Good to hear that the problem is solved! Thanks for sending in your writeup mw2rocks1234. Closing out the ticket.