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Gasoiline Canister is unable to transport it other then Bugusing in V3S
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Hello devs,
there is no way to Transport the gasoline Canister other then use the "item keeps in Hand"-Bug if you go into the V3S and drive.
There is nothink outside the car where you can fix the canister.
Also the canister is too bug for you inventory.
If you fix the bug the Driver is unable to take the canister with the car and this seems to be very unlogic.


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Steps To Reproduce

-Found a V3S and a Canister
-Try to collect the canister with you without using the bug and drive

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Steam Version 2014-12-06

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i read the canister should use (normaly) only 3 slots in the inventory? Now ist 35 Slots...

Has any moderator taken note of this?

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why only 3 slot?? Buy a 20l canister and try to pack it in a backpack?!

even if a mountain backpack you will have really hard, and not much will have place in it after that...

I am mostly the same idea like you , but this time I disagree... Of course the 3Vs will receive a own container where you will be able to pack the canister, bur I don't think that it should be smaller than now.

No... i read it only. For me the Container should be addet to the car for Transport. Anywhere outside. Sorry, if it was not clear.
But first add the Point, then remove the bug.
Other way: You lose the Container.