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reporting for violating terms of service on dayz, steam
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this website openly encourages the purchase of software to violate terms of service on dayz and steam


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DayZ Hacks
Download the New DayZ Hacks | Aimbot ESP | Standalone Cheats for DayZ.
Manufacturer: IWC
$13.00 New

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Can't anyone using these be tracked via Battleye and I am sure terms of service are in violation here?

IWC Manufacturer openly stating they are from CA and are actively hacking dayz:

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we should hire Anonymous to take them down.

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The best way to beat a script, is to monitor the forums where the scripts are created. Most scriptwriters will not share their work. Some people will monetize, as this site does.

One can not go after the website, however, it is well within the security teams purview to monitor, join and participate in said forums and to also purchase and download the hacks themselves, those that are available, to reverse engineer and examine where the coding loopholes are and plug them as they are revealed.

Security is a top level priority for the Development Team and they are always looking for ways to improve their code.

@heirfuher: Anonymous is NYPA '-)

Hello rritter3,

Thanks for sending in your information on this site. We'll have a look at the site and perform an investigation on the matter. In the meantime I'll close the ticket since we, for security reasons, won't be able to divulge any information regarding the case.