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No Servers loading, cant fix!
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Basically I log into dayz today and it has a 1gb update, I have a look at the patch notes and I decide I want to try it out, i log on and then click servers. Nothing shows up even when im on friends remote. It still doesnt work if i join people over steam. All i know at the moment is that no one else has had it im really bored :P.


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Hello windz,

To begin with I would recommend that you try to verify the integrity of the game cache:

  1. Start Steam and right click on DayZ in your game library (make sure that the game is not running).
  2. Select the tab labeled "Local Files".
  3. Click on the button labeled "Verify integrity of game cache...".
  4. Start DayZ once the process is complete.

If this does not solve the problem, then try to un-install and re-install Steam, upgrade DayZ to the experimental version and subsequently downgrade to the stable version.

In case this does not solve your problem either, I can have a look at your account in the character database if you send me a link for your Steam Profile ID.


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Thank you for the feedback, I did verify the integrity and it didnt do anything, i was thinking of reinstalling the game tonight and i will tell you how that goes :)

Update, I have reinstalled the whole game and it still is a issue I have no idea how to fix this ive tried everything if anyone could help me that would be great
Oh and my steam ID is: STEAM_0:0:53771352

This happened to me just twice, since i play the 0.51 stable, one Day after it was updated from 0.50 stable. Therefor my Client crashes every time i log off or get disconnected by rebooting Servers.

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I finally fix it, Basically you need to enable it with ur firewall, it could be the windows firewall or your antivirus. Hopefully this wont happen again thanks for all the help :)

That's good to hear :) I'll close your ticket, but in case you encounter any further problems, please feel free to open up a new ticket in the Feedback Tracker.