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Story request of citys and areas
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Hey devs,
you have good modular-employees but all Citys (without cherno) have no story.
If i came to a place i should ask my "what happens here?". Car Crashs, why traffic jams came, evacuation points with shooten death bodies, outburns control points...
We only have empty City with some old rotten cars. Thats all :(
By these areas, players get a feel and bind more to the game, because the idea still involved.
Right now i don't know where i'm in the story. All are evacuated? But then i miss more control and evacuation Points. On the Start? Then i miss more life from the People... and so on.


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Yeeah really good point.

Also the street at night are sometimes brightened from street lamps, so there is electricity. Maybe on the streets could be working red / green or yellow blinking traffic lights with some auto crashes :)

Immersion pure:)

Hi nerobp,

Thanks for sending in your suggestion. The devs are still working on cities and such so this might still be implemented as development comes along.