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Dynamic world / structure destruction & spreading fire?
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Obviously what I'm going to suggest is some pretty heavy stuff in terms of implementation and coding, but... It would be freaking AMAZING.

What I am suggesting is some sort of interaction whereby it's possible to destroy things in game?
for instance, if you're in the woods and its been a hot day and you start a fire at the base of a tree, wouldn't it be kinda cool if there's a chance that the tree and maybe surrounding trees or ground litter could catch fire?
Also, setting a fire in a building or next/under a car... Again, it'd be damn epic if the house or vehicle catches fire and burns to the ground!
Also, it'd add a whole new level of depth, immersion and strategy in the game.
If you're having a battle in the forests, fire could be used as an area-denial strategy or you could burn somebody out of a house they are holed up in.
Also, grenades should be able to blast bushes and trees to smithereens!

Also I just had another thought, what about incendiary rounds or flaming bolts for the crossbow?

Obviously I'm not suggesting anything on the scale of BF4's 'levolution' as for a start, the Arma engine hardly has the level of polish and intricacy as the BF4 frostbite engine does, but I do think some level of in-game world destruction would make this game so much more awesome!


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Destruction of global objects... sounds like a mess of bugs. perhaps later.

Well, I never suggested it would be simple.
And at the end of the day, isn't that what pre-alpha state is for - development?
Better if they fuck up now than in a years time when its in full release version... That would be all kinds of carnage.

And I know it's obviously it's not something that you can just go BOSH it's done with, or perhaps in the case of the Arma engine it's not something that can be done at all.
But many other games have done it or something similar with engines that are much more outdated.

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of course it sounds cool and great, but I really don't think the engine it's going to work with this features...