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Confirmation of change: Session Lost
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Hi guys its been almost 6 Months since I have been able to play dayz. I keep getting the same error over and over and over again that keeps saying Confirmation of change Session Lost. If anyone has a fix for this please help its has been literally months since I have been able to play. I have tried every single thing, I have tried to re-install my game , I have tried to do the cache thing and that doesn't work ,tried the firewall thing that doesn't work i've tried eveything, I looked to see if I was banned off dayz even though ive never hacked on dayz ever, but my VAC-Status still says im fine.It really Sucks because I paid my 30 dollars and the game does not even work anymore for me.


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Hello Myles,

To begin with, try to un-install and re-install Steam, upgrade DayZ to the experimental version and subsequently downgrade to the stable version.

In case this does not solve your problem either, I can have a look at your account in the character database if you send me a link for your Steam Profile ID.


This is how you fix it. I tried everything you listed, but once i did this it finally worked. Go to steamapps in the steam folder and move it to your desktop(might take awhile depending on how many games you have installed). Then once it's on your desktop, move dayz out of the common folder in steamapps and delete it. Make sure the steamapps is still on your desktop and uninstall steam. Once you have steam uninstalled, install a new version of steam from the steam website. Once the new version of steam is installed, go to the new steamapps folder in the steam directory and move everything from the old steamapps folder on your desktop to the new steamapps folder. Once you did that, install dayz again and it should work. This guy also tried it and it worked, here is his post

Hello again,

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