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Modding an SKS to load 30rnd AKM magazines
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I believe with all things considered this may be a very simple process to make possible in game.

I have watched many videos about how to mod an SKS in real life to take a 30rnd akm magazine.

It only requires the quick application of a screw driver and vwala, the 10rnd integral magazine is removed and the SKS can now be loaded with a 30rnd akm magazine.

Obviously someone will only want to do this when they have a 30rnd akm magazine, seeing as even loading a single round will not work after applying a screw driver.


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I believe that this feature should be added seeing how this is possible in real life and in my opinion we need more weapon mods.(Not just different sights)

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I dont really like the weapopn modding idea WITHOUT a skill system in place, you should have a chance of failing horribly when trying to mod weapons, remember, you have no internet access and would be working from memory as a non-professional.

With how common AK magazines are and how easy they are to get, I don't want this idea.

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Yeah this kinda turns me off as well. It would be different if we had some kind of global weapon modding ability. (We can't even duct tape a scope to a gun that doesn't fit it, so we apparently cant use a screwdriver to save our life)

If there was a system in place to handle this stuff... Okkkaaay maybe. But not in the current implementation.

Just pop the rounds out of the mag and load accordingly.