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Confirmation of changes Session lost
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I have the problem with the session lost message that disables me from joining any server, i have tried everything from the forums and i've tried both experimental and stable. Nothing works.


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Login, try to join, fail, get angry.

Additional Information

I have done the following;

Verified game cache
Reinstalled DayZ
Changed harddrive
Manually updated the BEclient
updated router firmware
Updated all drivers
reinstalled Steam
Opened ports for servers
disabled windows firewall
Made an exception in the firewall
deleted the Appdata folder as well as the mydocuments folder
Tried many different servers on many different days
Tried joining private shards
Tried joining different contries

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I've had this for like a week now, no one has figured it out. I'm hoping the next update fixes this because this is really annoying. I can't believe they didn't fix it yet.

I fixed it by deleting all steam related files, making a backup of the dayz files and removing steam completely, then reinstalling steam and now it works again!

How exactly would i completely uninstall steam?

Use the windows program manager and uninstall it, delete the Dayz folders in both appdata and in my documents. You will have to backup all of your install games or lose them it's up to you. I take no responsibility for anything you do.

Hello Tomastage,

I'll close your ticket then, but in case you encounter any further problems, please feel free to open up a new ticket in the Feedback Tracker.