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Water pumps still not working
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As description. I am unable to use them at all. Cannot drink from them or refill any water container. I have seen notes from "Andy" saying it's fixed. Not for me, or do I have to do something to apply a patch?

I CAN drink from ponds and fill bottles from rain, so it's not a lack of knowledge. By the way, some ponds have been dry once walked in to. Very odd.

Thanks for the efforts.


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Try to drink from a pump.

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The fix should be present in version 0.51, can you confirm if you're still experiencing the problem on stable branch servers?


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i did not play for 1-2 months.. last night i played a bit on the stable and i could not use the water pump (i was with a friend and he also could not use it)
Tried 4-5 different pumps on 2 different servers (stable).

The wells are not working in stable 50.125369

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Tested it on stable branch (latest Steam version as of writing, 0.50.125369) and can confirm the bug. Tried to use 4 different pumps, on a single server though.

JStewart, great news if this is fixed in 0.51. I interpreted your above sentence as "0.51 is already on stable branch", which confuses me. 0.50 is still the latest stable version, right?

@Daerst: That's correct; stable branch servers are still running version 0.50. I should have asked the question differently:

"The fix should be present in version 0.51, can you confirm if you're still experiencing the problem once update 0.51 goes live on stable branch servers?"

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The wells are now working in stable 0.51

Thanks for the confirmation. I'll close the ticket then.