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Water accessibility - Unintentionally improved in 0.50
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In 0.50 there is a known issue with wells no longer being functional. However, this has actually had quite a positive effect on the survival aspect of the game. For the first time I have actually encountered people who approached me because they were severely dehydrated (and starving!). It created a much more interesting player encounter dynamic, since so many people were being forced to try and survive.

In all my play time I can probably only remember 2 or 3 times that my character was ever thirsty (the vast majority of the time I am healing or healthy), and I had never met anyone that really needed food or water before. I believe that keeping some degree of the unusable well situation would greatly enhance the that aspect of the survival component of the game. Wells could be randomly set on server restart to either broken or working.

In addition to that, an interesting balance for the wells is that they are a bit of risky thing to use, this could also be enhanced by introducing the need for priming (pumping for a minute or so) if the well has not been used for 'x' amount of time.


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Agree on this one. I think weather should effect the availability of pond/streams and wells. People just underestimate the need of food and drinks. A bag of rice and a well will keep you alive for as long as you can live.

why thiws is true we shouldnt have to fight to the death for soda since water is no longer obtainable all the havey military people are moving into electro to get drink and killing every one in sight in my opin this has had a very bad effect

I definitely agree with this. I think an easy solution would be to make the wells essentially like the apple trees were sometimes you can get something out of them but a lot of times you can't. But everything that's being suggested here I think would help because currently it's too easy to stay hydrated.