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What the hell happened to all the tents. Also what happened to bipod and suppressor?
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I think you reset the tents sometime after 5 am central today. You could have at least told us what was gonna happen. I had a fully decked out m4.


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We had about 10 tents placed on a server (NL 3-20 by vilayer) and after about 24 hours they dissappeared with all the loot in them, this must be solved because it will piss-off some people that spent about 5 hours looking for those tents...

Had two tents disappear from an official server. IL 2-10. 4 rifles and a lot of gear and ammo gone.

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My team lost 8 tents. I heard there was an update to persistence today that required the tents to be wiped. I understand if they needed to, but come on can't you give us a 24 hour warring? There is no way to restore tent data from last night, or the entire game data to last night.

My guess is that they had to implement central loot system.

They would not just wipe tents, that's silly even to suggest it. It's clearly just a persistence issue/bug. Jeez, persistence and the central loot system are still in their infancy, you know this stuff will happen.

Just report it in a "Polite" manner and move on.

Says the fag who is named Euphoria. It happened because they updated it. They could have had a message of the day.

Please ban Soren, homophobic words and inpoliteness, I dont want people like him on such a tolerant game for everybody, no matter if gay or lesbian.

Either be polite or leave. This is a site where you report to make the game better. Not to whine and cry about it. Read the warning on steam page again and click that 'I understand' button. They don't have such responsibility to tell everyone what might go wrong. Did the devs say grenades will corrupt the server when they implemented it? I don't think so.

"Says the fag who is named Euphoria" LMAO. That makes absolutely no sense does it, but I guess someone of your *Cough* intellectual capacity is used to things making no sense.

Neanderthal or 10 year old? Curious.

[Edit] I just saw that you replied "Cry Moar", so you've answered that already, 10yo. Should your parents be letting you play DayZ!?

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I don't think he is calling you a cigarette. I think he is shortening the term for a collection of wooden sticks. He is trying to make you into an Improvised Backpack.

Seriously though, Soren, this is not appropriate behavior for the bugtracker. should be your home to complain and abuse folks whenever you want. You will have lots of similarly uneducated folks over there to bash your skulls together with.

We are not interested in your childish name calling, we want to report bugs.

@Beav - Oh, right I understand, thank you. I thought it was strange to call someone a cigarette, but a bundle of sticks makes more sense, that must be what he meant ;) hehe.

Random save loss - known issue. Abusive behaviour will not be tolerated.