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Severe Server Lags, Rubberbanding and Action Feedback Delays occur multiple times.
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Playing Coop, even with no one on the Server with just my Companion and me, i have serious Lags over Minutes, my Character hopping or sliding back and forth in the Sight of my Comrade, temporarily not able to draw a Weapon or do anything.

Sometimes when i perform an Action like drinking from my Canteen, it plays the drinking Animation, but doesn't stop the drinking routine, as i get the message "Cancel Action" still after Minutes, when i want to drink again and the Fill-State of the Canteen or Water-Bottle stays e.g. 40%, as it was before Drinking. When i put something out of my Inventory, it gets doubled on the Outside and Inside and when i displace an other Item inside my inventory, the doubled Item suddenly disappears.

Switching into a Weapons View Zoom Sight or back to normal Sight also lags firmly almost every second or third time.


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Occurs randomly, then mostly for the Duration of several Minutes.

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mist3r added a comment.Nov 7 2014, 3:25 PM

Yes I had this one too very often since last patch... It isn't related to a specific action, but it happens very often, eating, weapon change, drinking, open cans, pick up items, search vor berries and kindlings, drinking from rivers, and so on...

Hello NiMeRi75,

In order for us to investigate further, please provide the following:

  • The IP address of any one of the servers where you experience the problems.
  • The exact time and date you tried to connect to the server (along with your time zone).
  • Your Steam ID url. Example: "".
  • Your ingame name.

Also, please perform a tracert command to the IP address that you provide us. In order to perform a tracert command you can use the following steps:

  1. Press R while holding down the Windows key.
  2. Type in cmd and press enter.
  3. Type in "tracert" without quotation marks and replace with the ip address of the server that you can't connect to.
  4. After the tracert is complete; right click inside the command window and select "Select All" .
  5. Copy the text and paste it in your issue on the feedback tracker.

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mist3r added a comment.Dec 2 2014, 9:53 AM

I noticed in 0.51 that it's getting better, but still not totally away...
It happens less often, and the duration it's shorter.
But still it happens with soda drinks and canteens.
Totally random so far...
But didn't have a Trace for it...

Confirm on Stable branch [0.51] - Sometime I can't "Drink all" or "Eat all", the drink animation going to it's end but no water is given to the character and even after couple of minutes I can "Cancel Action" (and I must do it to be able to drink again...)
I guess I have not this issue if I just use action "drink" instead of "drink all"

Hello again NiMeRi75,

Closing ticket due to inactivity. However, in case the problem persists, please feel free to open up a new ticket in the Feedback Tracker.