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Severe graphics bug
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DayZ Version: 0.50.125369


Samsung NP770Z7E (laptop)
CPU: i7-3635QM
GPU: AMD Radeon™ HD 8870M Graphics; 2 GB VRAM

GPU Driver: Catalyst 14.9 (details see picture link)

Character spawns in "water" (even though the game was left on land and character actually is on land). There's no ground. Scenery in all is mashed up - unplayable.

Once it ocurred it doesn't go away. Reinstalling DayZ after deleting it in Steam and deleting the files stored in the "documents" and "appdata/local" folders, doesn't change a thing. It might disappear after a few starts or changing the sever, but I haven't found a reproducability yet.

No issues with Arma2 or Arma3 on the same laptop.



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The issue disappears when I select "power saving" for "dayz.exe" in the Switchable Graphics Tab of the AMD Catalyst Control Center. Of course the game then runs on the integrated Intel HD 4000 which isn't really enjoyable either. The distortions reappear when I switch back to "high performance".

So I suspect the problem is with the AMD switchable graphics functionality. I uploaded the requested file - I hope it's the right one. If I can provide you with any more infos, just let me know. I'll monitor this thread.

Hi ppilihp,

Please attach a dxdiag report in this ticket, and we'll have a look at it.


Thanks for sending in your dxdiag info. It seems that your drivers for your HD 4000 are from 10/21/2013, so I would suggest that you update the drivers for both your HD 4000 and your HD 8870M graphics cards and see what happens.

The AMD Drivers already were the most recent available on the AMD website. Following your suggestion I installed the current drivers from the Intel website, which required a workaround, since the installer told me, that the driver isn't validated for my laptop. The last validated driver was the one that the DxDiag.txt shows.

Sadly installing the newest Intel drivers brought no improvement. I added the current DxDiag2.txt to this thread.

That's good to hear :) I'll close your ticket then, but in case you encounter any further problems, please feel free to open up a new ticket in the Feedback Tracker.


Problem solved by rolling the AMD Catalyst driver back to the last version Samsung provides for my laptop (13.152). I kept the latest Intel driver I installed through the workaround though.

Thx nonetheless for your help.