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After server wipe, started new character and collected a number of good loot. Went to an out of the way house I intended to be my "SECURE" home. Locked all doors, and logged off in house. Came back this AM doors all open and ALL gear gone?!? Do not think it was theft by another player as some gear was really not that useful yet. Seems to me that the persistence is not holding. I was on Fragnet ATL- 4-006, IP Persistent.
A;so note that my new character cannot load into any Gameservers server?


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Had logged off in same house to post the feedback, left some items on floor, food, clothing ammo. Came back in just now all gone and doors were still locked!?!

Hi Dred,

For this issue; have you been in touch with the GSP in order to check if the persistence is indeed enabled and working on the server? Please post their reply in this ticket. I'll set the ticket status to "private" so only you and moderators have access to it.

For your character issue, please send me a link to your Steam ID and I'll have a look at your character in the database.


Persistence is in tents and backpacks and weapons left on ground, individual items get wiped.. sorry mate.

J, I hope this is what you need from Steam;
My steam account is gasa2. Sorry not more help. I mainly just play, my computer skills etc are not bad but not sure of this Steam linkage. By the way just as info I will be 72 in December so not so fast on the pick up, unless it is a Martini glass. But I most likely the oldest one playing this, I have almost 1800 hrs I think now.

It is a Fragnet server and here is their response;
Fragnet Networks AB


We cannot do much about character progress as this is saved on Bohemia Interactive database. You may want to get in touch with them via the Dayz forums to see if your character can be restored.

If you need any further assistance, don't hesitate to get back with us at any time.


Dimitri @ Fragnet
Fragnet Networks AB - Game Hosting Solutions


Ticket ID: #724950
Subject: Dayz .50 wiped out my character and tents and equipment?
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Hello Dred,

Thanks for sending in all that information. Unfortunately, it looks like your GSP does have persistence enabled, and the case here is that you have fallen victim to the "Character save loss" bug. I'll merge your ticket with #78, since this issue is a known bug that the dev team is working on fixing. Please feel free to follow ticket #78 for future news/progression on the bug.