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[Suggestion] Improve Night-Vision by the Ability to light Matches for Short-Term Search in the Dark
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What would One do to not stumble into something or someone or to find Items at Night or dark Places, when not carrying any Lamps or Batteries, but having a Matchbox with up to 250 Matches in the Inventory?

Come on Baby, light my Fire... ;-)


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1.) Hold the Matchbox in Hand.
2.) Scroll MouseWheel down.
3.) Pick Option 'light Match'.
4.) Do whatever you wanted in the Dark, using the 30 Second burning down Match to improve your Night-Vision by the flickering spheric Light of the Match.
5.) Sigh at burning your Fingertips randomly
6.) Let your Eyes get used to the sudden Dark again.
7.) Release the Matchbox out of your Hand or repeat from Step 2.)

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Add random occurrences of match going off because of the wind or walking too fast.

aye good idea, there should be candles too so you can light them!