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Now before i rant, i want to say i LOVE this game, it's the first game in 5-8 years for me that actually has potential to be something great, like World of Warcraft before all the expansions and shit.

But the abusers are outweighing the people actually trying to play the game like it's meant to be played. With teamwork, capture people, survive, whatever you want to do in the game.

So me and my friend just got killed from another bunch of hackers or whatever the fuck that killed us, glitches killed him, falling of the big smoke-alike tower next to the factory in Northeast Elektro. I somehow died there first by crouching, and MY LEG IS PAINFUL, which hasnt happend in a while, but the shitty bug is still there.

I get a good spawn, get back to the place, then i go to the same place, where he glitched off, got my mosin with attachments. Then i hear a THUMP and im dead. Like a melee weapon killed me. This isnt the first time that has happend, when i was clearly CLEARLY all by myself. I must assume some hacker with teleport hack came up behind me or above me and fucked me over with an axe or something.

Why can't you just get a real anti-cheat client? Is anything in the works? Why isn't anything being done about this? Will you switch to another more reliable anti-cheat method? steam-id and whatnot.

-end rant-


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Hi kebab0nline,

exactly how the security measures will be further developed, I wouldn't be allowed to say of course. However, as stated by the devs in the following status report, development of the security measures are one of the primary focuses for the 0.50 update:

Please be advised that development of the security measures will follow development of the game and that the current iteration of the anti-cheat systems will not be the final one, just like the current iteration of DayZ will not be the final either.