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LMG sugestion
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I was redirected here by Bohemia interactive so I'm aware that this is not the best. Place to post it.
Dear Devs
I have a suggestion as how you could integrate LMGs such as the Russian PKM or
the Western SAW in to DayZ SA and not have players just spamming LMGs .
I propose that they should rarely spawn on their corresponding helicopter crash
sites attached to the helicopter, half full ammo and damaged in condition so
that the player requires a hacksaw and/or other tool(s) to detach it from the
helicopter and a weapon cleaning kit to make the LMG usable.
I also suggest that the player should be unable to put the LMG on his back as
so that he requires to put it on the ground every time he has to do something.
This brings me to another idea to be able to craft (burlap sac+rope) or find a
weapon sling so that the player can carry an LMG or a second primary weapon
without having to put it on the ground.
keep up the good work and please take into account my suggestions.

Nikita Bondarenko
(its ok if you mention me in a devblog or stream)


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Oh god no! Please no, this isn't Call of Duty.