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Glitch: It is possible to login-spawn under the police station.
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When you log out in the lower left backroom of the police station next to the bookshelf you have a big chance to come back under the police station, when you log out and in.

Players can walk like there are no walls and you can see everything from inside.

Additional: There is some chance for loot to be spawned within the air and inside of the floor of police stations.


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Steps To Reproduce

Go to Police station front door
go to the left
take the second door
go into the room, take the door inside the second room.
stand next to the bookshelf
log out
log in
chance of walking around under the police

Additional Information

I encountered this twice today.
Sometimes not. But I did not try to reproduce. I just wanted to find Ammo by serverhooping (shame on me)

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