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Logging in as fresh spawn with items wiped on joining new servers!
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It happened once ages ago in the past and I just dismissed it as a random bug/error/glitch but in the last week it's happened to me again four times!
I always join servers on the public hive and have always joined normal servers - but for some reason it randomly puts me back as a fresh spawn.
three out of the four times it's done it when I've left a server and joined straight on to another and once it did it when I loaded up the game from scratch and joined one.

This is a common issue too - there's hundreds, even more related issued been posted of this yet none of them have even been acknowledged - Instead they've all just been dismissed and closed!
C'mon guys... This is serious game breaking shit here...
There's even an issue got posted of this very problem which got over 1000 votes - yet still ignored!


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happened on me twice. Once i have been really dead then. Once I quit server and had been "alive again" within my old state on another server.

happened to my friend three times when entering some server. (had been still alive after fast serverswitch all three times)

It seems to happen alot on servers which are laggy and have fluctuating pings like 67ms, 56ms, 60ms, ... 899ms ...., 67ms, 56ms, 60ms, ... 987ms ...., etc.

I think I figured it out...
Last night me and a friend were playing on our regular server when it reset.

Now, ever since I lost all my shit the last time I always sit there and refresh the server until It's running and there's people joined on to it just to be sure...

My friend, he joined immediately after the server appeared in the list. At that time the server time said 8:00. I kept refreshing and after about 20-30 seconds the time them went to 12:01.
As I waited until I saw people had started to join again my friend started yelling and shouting that his char had been reset.
When I saw the time was 12:02 and people had joined I then joined with no issues...

Could it be that there is a period when a server restarts that it isn't connected or properly communicating with the hive?
Maybe when you join when the server is in this state it can't recieve your character file and so spawns you as a freshie then when the server is fully initialised starts communicating with the hive and over-writes your data file with your new fresh spawn?

There are quite a few steps you can take to prevent this happening, all of which have been documented around 5000 times on the sub reddit, forum and Steam forum, so maybe have a read.

And also, yeah real mature and helpful, "C'mon guys... This is serious game breaking shit here..." makes you sound like a petulant child. The game is Alpha, it has nowhere near as many bugs as other games I've seen in Alpha or even Beta. But this is not really a bug, just an impatient player. Read one the thousands of guides that tell you why this happens and how to avoid it.
And again the report with 1000 votes, maybe it was ignored because it isn't a bug!

But I am not talking about this "old" wipe!!

I know this 300-Comment Thread.
I have been talking about random resets on maybe unstable servers when you connect like on 8:32 or 9:23 hours.

And well, some servers start at 8:00, go to a time like 9:20 for a second (you see it while refreshing) and then go to 8:00, 8:01, 8:02 ...

You can join when its after this short 9:20 mark (in this case).

I am well aware of this.

Hi LoveSausage,

The reason for closing all the other posts like this one is due to them being duplicate reports. The character save function is flawed/bugged, no one is denying that, the team is aware of the problem and are investigating it.

Merging with primary ticket for character save loss #78