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No sound when players spawning in to a location nearby
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I'm not sure if the re-loading noise when spawning in was a bug that has been 'fixed', but there is now no sound to indicate a player has spawned in nearby.
This is already affecting general gameplay and actually appears to encourage 'ghosting'.

I know that spawning noise is a hot topic of discussion for the game in general, so i'm filing this as a bug report in case it the reloading noise was intentional and has accidentally been removed in the last update.


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Happens every time in stable 0.49

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Its been like that for a couple of patches now (I think). I'm pretty sure it was taken out intentionally.

Thanks for the note EvadDJ, i've missed the last few patches so may be a bit late to the party with this one. I can't find out if it's an intentional move by the devs or a temporary bug, hence this bug report.