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Cheaters everywhere!
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yesterday me and a mate of mine was PvP'ing people in elektro on this Alliance 2 server.

when suddenly we got stripped, all our gear was dropper on the ground and this guy comes speed hacking afther us, and killed us ofc.

we have seen speed hackers allot latly, and thats not so bad, we have also killed some of them.

but this strip hack really just makes me mad. and that this was on a 40/40 server. and there should be admins on, they do state so.

and today i met another strip hacker on the big airfield, i did manage to escape tough.

met any hackers? leave a comment about your experiance


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I just got hit by another hack. A clan logged onto one of the official Illinois servers and warped all of the loot on the map to their location. I was on the second floor of the jailhouse at green mountain when a gun on the floor disappeared. there was no loot when i walked in the room so i went back downstairs. the backpack that was on the floor by the front door was gone as well. when i looked at the player list there was me, the three people who had been on since before me, and 5 guys that just got on from the same clan so I would assume it was this new clan that showed up.

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I have gotten strip hacked twice the last 2 weeks. And yesterday 2 of my friends got shot by a guy who i headshotted right after(i am sure of this because he was standing still looting my friends with his back towards me only 15-20 meters away. So i took my time making sure i would hit him). He just turned around and ran towards me and i shot an entire SKS mag at him. and hit him atleast 4 times in his upper body. he didnt even start to bleed... he just took out his m4 and shot me......

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Please refer to the main hacker / cheater thread at #8589