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Character reset
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My character resets about once per day

I dont use any other programs with the game

my computer is MORE then capable to run this game.

and I havent died, this I'm 100% sure on. but stil, I just resets everyday, its not like it resets when ever I join a new game, but if im "offline" for long and come back, I've lost all.

dont have any idea what might cause this, ohh and btw, when I lanch the game, i can se my geared character in the back ground but when i join a server i just spawn without anything.

there is one more wiiierrrd thing, I ALWAYS spawn without pants for some wierd reason. always..

I know this is an alpha so im not bad or anything, just giving my feedback. BTW the game is great! tobad I cant explore more of it because of this anoying bug or what ever it is.


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Please refer to the primary character save loss thread at #78