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Starved After 22 Minutes Hungry (although some fruits eaten!)
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i died because of some granade bug, ran 20mins to the spot, found some of my stuff and was almost staving after that, i found 4-5 fruits, have eaten them, and and then i died anyway,.. this is totally retarded

even when the time would be 10x on a server, this is massively unrealistic, even when im hungry i dont DIE after 20 minutes of running AND eating 4-5 fruits!!

in this time period i wouldnt even die of thirst! thats totally b*llsh*t

this is so f*cked up man :(


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play and starve

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At least you're able to play. I haven't been able to play the game since I bought it 2 months ago!

were u cold becaeu if your cold u get hungry very very fast which is very relastic

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@kadares my sorry
@XFANTA72X no it isnt

even when you are veryverythirsty you dont die in 24h!
and never when you are hungry - no matter if "you feel cold"

this mechanism up now is ultra unrealistic

@Kadardes: why are you dont able to play? whats happening? game crashes or what? maybe i can help?

You blokes are probably all too young to remember Bobby Sands, yes?? He was an IRA soldier back in 1981 who went on a hunger strike. He drank water but ate nothing. It took him about SIXTY DAYS to die! 60. Days.

Mind you, he was very weak by about day 30 but it just goes to show that DAYZ has got this massively wrong.

This needs to be FIXED!!!!

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@kimdownunder: the most people dont know this, its true and sad