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MP5K OEM buttstock not spawning with gun or anywhere on the map.
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Ever since 0.49, the mp5k has always been spawning without the buttstock. the buttstock also doesn't seem to be spawning alone at all. I checked 30+ police stations and all the mp5ks I found had no buttstock, I also checked about 15 helicopter crash sites and I still didn't find any buttstock for it. The only thing I found at helicopter crash sites were the scopes for it which are actually shared with the m4.


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  1. Search lots of police stations, all MP5ks spawn with no buttstock.
  2. Search lots of police cars, all MP5ks spawn with no buttstock.
  3. Search lots of Helicopter crash sites, OEM buttstock does not spawn there.

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Agreed, I found 3 so far and no butt stock on either one :(

I found another 4 MP5ks this morning after looting 40+ police stations for about 7 hours, none of them had the OEM buttstock.

Same issue with me, have yet to find one in the .50 experimental build.

Upvoted because it's completely true, MP5 buttstock has disappeared and devs need to add it back

I think the buttstock is gone, because i haven't found a single one since forever. The MP5 looks very strange without the buttstock.