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Continuously dying from hypothermia before update could survive just fine.
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Had a fully built up charterer, SKS, full warm clothing, boots, etc after the update, I got the message "I am cold" running had no effect on it, rained all the time, made it even worse, then it was "I am freezing", then "I am hypothermic" then I died, each time I spawned I died because I couldn't find a fire axe, or splitting axe. I think we need to implement a hatchet into the game that is easier to find, and two make the hypothermia a little bit less harsh, or less bugged. And three make warmer clothing more available. Most servers, it rains all the time, and is mostly cloudy. Oh and I've died over 10 times now just due to hypothermia.


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Thanks for the feedback, however this has already been reported.

Closing as duplicate of #0017130: Hypothermia unmanageable due to unrealistic temperature management?

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