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Unable to move after log in
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I am a patient and reasonable man. I can live with a lot, even when most would just give up and decide to abandon ship. However.. Besides this game being totally unpredictable and shitty (and don't bring up excuses of it being in alpha, seeing as how larger games have been completed with half the budget and have achieved far better results in half the time) I can live with a few bugs. Having said that, recently, I have been unable to move after logging in. It is frankly annoying and it happens unpredictably.


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1)Log in
2)Can't move
Rinse and repeat

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Basic issue which should not take forever to solve.

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Somehow, people who posted their queries after me got answered before... very Bohemian of you guys ... Gj. Glad to see that you treat customers properly.

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If you submit your ticket with the category as Player Stuck it will automatically be assigned to be looked into.

I have now done this for you.

Hi janxiki,

Is your character unable to move due to not responding to keyboard/mouse input or is it due to your character being stuck in a structure for example?



Keyboard and mouse do not respond in game, however, an Alt+F4 works to close it.

Alright, I'll merge your ticket with #16555 then since that issue has already been filed.

Thanks for getting back on the issue janxiki.