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Zombies have really long aggro ranged for some reason for me
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So I have been playing a bit on different servers and its the same on every server I was just outside of electro and looking out of a window and could see the main road further down the road about 75-100m down the road i see a zombie so since i have been having this problem i decide to test it out walked out of the back door to the building and on to the main road then did not move and the zombie aggroed on me idk if this is just how they are now but its kinda of weird i have seen videos of other people playing and there could be a zombie outside the building they are in a it wont aggro on them also i could get like 75 m out of their range with buildings in the way and they will still have sight on me somehow.


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Thanks for the feedback, however this has already been reported.

Closing as duplicate of #0001023: Zombies detect us at ridiculous range (More than 120mts)

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