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Add scope glare to long range scopes for balancing as new game mechanic
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Add scope glare to scopes with a magnification greater then 4x for balancing as new game mechanic to balance long rifles which have extended range through the uses of long range scopes.

Currently when you get in a fight against someone using a long rifle like the mosin nagant and they are using a long range scope unless your luck to spot them right away usually you have little to no chance of survival. Even if you do spot them unless you have a long rifle with a long range scope yourself you cant fight back because before you get in range to fight back you are likely to get killed.

Adding scope glare to scopes with a magnification greater then 4x which would only be visible if you are in the line of sight of the player using the scope would help balance. It would make players think twice about using their long range scopes and give players a fighting chance to take cover. You might be thinking you already can take cover but to take cover you need to know were you are getting shot from first for it to be effective. Scope glare would help assist in locating the shooter location allowing you take effective cover increasing you chances of survival.

Can you hide scope glare? Yes if an item such a killflash was added to dayz that could be attached to scopes. It would eliminate scope glare making shooters again hard to find but the item would be a very uncommon to come by.


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