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Feature Request: Make Zombies get pushed back if you punch them with fists or baseballbat.
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Sometimes it would be a great feature if you could push zombies down a stairway or down edge of some height.

It is possible that you have a fair box-fight with zombies nowadays, but in some constellations players should be able to use tricks to defeat zombies.

Possible effects:

  • Players can get more creative to kill zombies by pure hand.
  • Baseballbats could get some sense.
  • Players can fight their way out of traps where they cannot flee because they got in some position with only one exit (where the zombie is).


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If you hit down a crawling zombie with pure hands the animation of the unconcious zombie is that the zombie is standing up and looking at you in a weird way. But the zombie stands within the earth at his wraist. In other words: The standing-height is 1m to deep in the earth and the animation of this unconcious crawler is not making sense.

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