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Resuscitation not working properly?
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We had a person in our group who passed out from starving, we fed her, hydrated her, and then tried to resuscitate her. I tried pumpin her chest like 20 times. With no effect :(


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u need a epipen to bring her back

I tried a little CPR once. It was really not functional. It looked weird and did not seem practical. Also, no effect.

I had an incident while playing with a friend just now. The server we were on restarted (no message received) so we logged off and rejoined, and before the spawn lag let my friend move he'd been downed by a zombie. Luckily, I got in just a second or two later close by my friend, took out my gun, killed the zombie and rushed up to bandage my friend. He was still unconscious of course, but I checked pulse and it was strong. Now, since I have emergency healthcare training, including CPR and other techniques IRL I didn't at first try to use CPR on my friend because realistically using chest compressions on a person who is alive has a high risk of killing them (the technique is used when a person's heart has stopped), and my friend did have a pulse. But we waited and waited and he didn't wake up, so we decided to see if CPR worked differently in the game. So I kept doing compressions for quite a while but with no result.

It would be nice to learn how CPR have been implemented in the game. Is it realistic (a poor man's defibrillator) or unrealistic (a poor man's epipen)? If it's the former, then there's a bug in unconscious state that doesn't let an unconscious player wake up. If it's the latter, CPR doesn't work.

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I don't think CPR works at all.

cpr does work, if the person is dying of starvation or dehydration you just have to give them a lot of food. Then try CPR for some time, if its blood loss you gotta saline them, or just CPR until they wake up. It does take time, but it works. can consider this one as closed.

Do you get any sort of message saying it was successful? See, this is a strange problem on so many levels. Giving someone CPR (chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth) doesn't magically wake them up from an unconscious state. Chest compressions is something you give to someone who's heart has stopped. Giving it to a healthy person risks killing them.

Well the game isnt finished, still, but you wake up..

You wake up without CPR as well. Once your shock value goes down below your blood level you wake up. Shock goes down over time, so as long as your blood level is stable, you wake up automatically. Without a message telling you if the CPR was successful there's little way of knowing if it was the reason an unconscious player woke up.

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I would wonder how it works, a guy that I found playing became unconscious and I fed him with some apples and beers, I tried CPR him for 10 Minutes without stopping... He never came back... After 10 Minutes he died...