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Loot just is not available.
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I have spawned countless times now, and for almost all of them, i have not been able to find sufficient food and drink loot to stay alive, let alone a basic melee weapon (firefighter axe specifically, it is the only truly effective melee weapon) to defend myself against zombies. The loot in large cities is barely enough to survive, and I always get attacked by zombies before getting decent gear. Loot in small cities on the way to large cities is non existent.


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Spawn in and look for loot, it is minimal.

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Additional loot at every loot spawn location would make the game much more enjoyable.

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there is plenty of loot, try a different server. i have 2 hard cases full of food plus extra in my backpack. food is everywhere if you know where to look.

Loot seems to not spawn in as much on persistent servers if any in military bases, most times even after a server restart the barracks are nearly empty.