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Items take too much space in the inventory
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  • Checkered-Shirts take 3 times too much inv. space - they are foldable/rollable into the size of a sheet of paper so should be 1 square maximum in inventory space - and not 4(!) inventory slots. Please put an end to forcing me to do vest-ception!
  • pants should also just take 1 slot, they can also be folded nicely to fit on a sheet of paper

why do I have to put pants INTO a jacket(!?!) to save space? what crazy person would do that in real life? it's nonsense. let me have a small folded pair of pants in one slot and a nicely folded shirt in another slot. and a 2 slot sized reserve-jacket for rainy days.

the way you've sized items you're forcing people to stack stuff into each other. but why? it could be so much easier than that. kill the inception nonsense once and for all and resize the items to reasonable sizes. you're only turning people into hoarders and messies by forcing them to perform inventory inception-style packing. instead, disallow the inception packing AND make items smaller in inventory size so a good and reasonable survival equipment can be actually packed straight into a backpack itself without "cheating".

continue this train of thought with other items/ re-think the inventory-sizes of other items accordingly with the main goal to eliminate inception-packing but still allowing gear necessities. observe the carrying habits of people and step in to allow it without inception-style packing. This gear-inception has to end. Think of what you want to carry around and allow yourself and us to do that without inception-style packing by resizing the items.


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I agree that you should be able to fold clothes to take less space in the inventory -- only if they're empty of course.