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Character wiped, now I respawn dead or can't connect to server.
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I was playing the new .49 patch, got geared (thanks for Cherno spawns btw). I met up with a friend and we headed to Zelenogorsk, at which point the server reset. We disconnected, I tried to log back in, it sat me in wait for host at first. I disconnected and reconnected and got in and I was a fresh spawn. I logged out, switched servers, and was yet again a fresh spawn. Switched servers once more, was again a fresh spawn, so I committed suicide, and respawned. At the end of my respawn timer, it said that I was dead. Relogged, restarted game, rebooted computer. I got into the game with no clothes, killed myself, and respawned dead again. Now when I try to log in, I stay in "please wait" forever.


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To reproduce from the beginning, I haven't tried.

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Hello CrackahJackk,

Sorry to hear about your trouble. If you send me a note with your Steam Profile ID url, I'll have a look at it. Example: ""

Also, please let me know if your character is on a Regular/Hardcore server.

If you prefer to send your Steam ID url in a private message, you can click the "Make Private" button to the left of your message after you click the button labeled "Add Note".



i have this issue as well - sometimes i cannot respawn for a hour or so - it keeps saying im dead. It eventually works to wait and switch servers to "properly" die and then respawn.

Never had this issue befor .49


i got in on another server, it is stuck on "please wait" after 30 seconds - if i press escape i see myself lying on the roof i died. The system does not seem to have fully processed my respawn.

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@mr snipes: Please submit a seperate ticket for your issue.

Sorry, totally forgot about this. It's been fixed but that doesn't make it any less frustrating. I appreciate your very quick response. Thank you for showing that Bohemia is actually getting back into the full swing of development! Keep on making this game worth being addicted to!

Ironically enough, as I finally responded to your response, I was respawning in game. I returned to the game and found myself dead. Fortunately it is not the bug and my next respawn worked fine. I just thought that was funny enough to throw in there! Thanks again.

No worries at all :) I'll close out your ticket, but in case you encounter any further problems, please feel free to open up a new issue in the Feedback Tracker.