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Warped character textures. Items stuck in inventory.
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Warped Character: I was running around the forest beyond the train tracks just south of Novodmitrovsk when my frame rate dropped from 25fps to 5fps. I noticed my character looked like a character model from Madden '98 on PS1, and bits of his clothes had gaps revealing the "naked" model underneath. When I logged off of the server, and went back to the main menu where I noticed the character looked the same. I had experienced this glitch a couple more times running along the tracks NW along the train tracks.

Items stuck: I was able to place a full backpack(BP1) into an empty backpack(BP2) (same goes for clothing items). When I tried to remove BP1 from BP2 BP1's texture was still in BP2. BP1 was on the floor--the desired outcome. I then dragged BP1 out of BP2 again. The BP1 on the floor disappeared, and the BP1 texture in BP2 was also gone. I later found the BP1 had 'teleported' into a wall on the outside of the building I was in. This has happened to me several times while trying to find ways to reproduce the bug.


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You're not the only person being a victim of the problem of textures. You can follow the developments here :

I posted a solution to debug textures, until the developers fix the problem.


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Remi how can i debug ??? can you tell me or where i can found that solution ??

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Here is a copy of my message that explains how to debug textures.



For the problem unload textures. I have a temporary solution to avoid restart the game to display textures.

Click "Configure" -> "Video" -> "Texture" and box of "Texture detail", you put "high" or other.

After that, put your previous settings. And textures will be able to recharge without leaving the game server or restart the game.

I'm sorry for my bad English.

Good day,