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MULTIPLE BUGS FOUND - Experimental Update 0.49.124931 (11-09-2014)
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I realise some of these bugs have already been documented, I just want to confirm that they are still present for myself and a group of friends who tested Experimental for a combined total of 35+ hours game time yesterday.

Eating cans of Spaghetti, tins of Tuna and Sardines causes CTD (Crash To Desktop)

Exp servers are crashing and/or hanging for 2-10 minutes before crashing. Lots of servers are down completely.

When trying to open doors, some doors are closed but only have the option to close them before they can be opened.

Dropping a jacket, backpack or pants on the floor with items inside meant the jacket/pants will not show up in vicinity, you have to mouse over them to pick them back up.

After a server restart zombies became completely invisible and "Can" still hit you but you can't hit them. 3 guys I was gaming with also found this bug.

Running down some types of stairs, (School stairs seem to do it every time), you leap/skip off the top step missing the first 2 or 3 steps causing you to slide down the rest and freezing for a second at the bottom. Resulting in either or a combination: broken leg, damage pants or Death.

When using a melee weapon, the weapon will randomly swap to another item on your hotbar.

Zombies can still walk through most walls and closed doors.

  1. Some opening door sounds can be heard from a "Long" way away, like 500m or more.


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