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Server resetting every 5-10 mins, but its not a server restart
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I just downloaded the most recent fix for the experimental build for dayz. Yesterday the game just kept crashing every 4-10 mins. Now the server is just resetting ever 4-10 mins for me and my friend and it seems everyone else as well. The server acts as if it is resetting but i only log back in on the same server to find stuff that i have dropped or have already seen.


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Play Exp build .49

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Also my game will still CTD at some points while on main menu or server select and in game.

The items being the same isn't a bug. That's the new "Server Economy" and persistent items they are implementing. After .49 resetting the server won't make all the items magically respawn.

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all exp. server restart in less than 10 minutes .. impossible to play on exp.server.