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The actuel game status is an impudence
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I know this is an alpha and that its still in development, but I've seen alot of projects in the development phase (I am 33yrs now) and if you don't want to talk about those who were actually crap, there was hardly one company who took steps like you and survived the fury of its players.

Just a reminder:

actual experimental patch - more problems than ever

0.48 patch 2014-08-13 - just a golden bone for the dogs, nothing really fixed, just a few fancy animations and items, almost nothing fixed that was promised (for all, if a dev posts something like "we will do this" then this is like a promise, because you don't write such stuff in public if you aren't able to do it)

0.47 patch 2014-07-30 - posponed game starts with this one, also just a golden bone for the dogs (btw that us players), nothing really fixed, just a few fancy things for us that shine nice, melee is broken, most important thing maybe in a zombie-apocalypse-game

0.46 patch 2014-07-02 - last good patch, lots of fixes, lots of new stuff to do etc.

SO alot said upfront, but this is ment to be a post for all of us not to hate what you do, because you have to do it, but this is for all to make you notice that you should focus more on the most important thing regarding Day:

The DayZ community - There is no DayZ without the community!

And atm you are driving away more and more people, like for expample you kill all the DayZ clans, because you promise stuff thats not done and you don't focus on the problems that matter (no one needs gardening right now). Really I like DayZ, but the progress that should go up like you said after you bought so much people to the DayZ team, where is it?

Focus, fix the problems, patch when ever you got stuff and don't wait just beacause you think there needs to be a big patch-package and then give us new game mechanics.

Scincerly yours
Lordbelakor, Zombiekiller and DayZ-Fan


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Start the game and see all the problems

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