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Gun Melee and Gun Fire Modes in General
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In the current game guns can only be used to shoot with. I think it would be a nice feature to the game, if guns could be used blunt melee weapons or as bladed melee weapons if a bayonet is attached.

The damage dealt would be comparable with hammers for handguns, baseball bats and farming hoes for rifles w/ and without bayonets, while having a slower attack speed than baseball bats or farming hoes.
This would make guns not completely useless without ammo or for stealthily killing zombies, while still keeping the benefits of real melee weapons.

In order to realize this in the game, i would suggest adding multiple firemodes to all guns (also for the realism, as many select-fire guns are currently fullauto only) .

For example: fullauto, semiauto, melee
or: singleshot, doubleshot, melee
or: semiauto, melee

A gun would automatically switch to melee mode, when there were no bullets in the mag or the gun and switch back to the previous fire mode after reloading.

I know there are other feature requests dealing with fire modes and gun melee on their own, but i thought i'd extend those to a new concept of melee and fire modes in DayZ.


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I believe they will add gun melee eventually, there are bayonets in game already, although they are purely aesthetic at the moment. I understand what you are saying though, automatic switching between melee and fire for when ammunition is unavailable, "t" is used as the default key to switch between single barrel and double barrel firing modes on the blaze 95, perhaps using the same hotkey to switch between melee and ranged combat would be a good choice... of course once weapon deterioration becomes realistic hitting something with your AK, SKS, and ESPECIALLY M4 (Plastic parts) might not be such a good idea, any port in a storm though ;)