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random legs broke or die
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3 times today it randomly said "you are dead" for no reason. Twice it said I broke my legs. All 5 of these instances were in a firehouse tower.


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Go up firehouse tower anywhere.

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It does not matter where. It happened to me in both fire stations in Elktro, the one at NWAF and the one at Cernaya Polana

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Confirmed. Second floor of building. Game say -"my leg is in pain - my leg is extremly hurt - you are dead.

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sad that it isn't fixed yet...

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Confirm in the ATC NW Airfield

h4wkEye added a subscriber: h4wkEye.May 8 2016, 7:49 PM

Confirmation here. I was actually standing on the second level of the military prison though. It said my legs were broken and i was in extreme pain. Ruined my paints and everything in them.

Confirmed, happened twice on the secondfloor of the prison building, both times between the bunkbeds. First time I died, my body stayed but all my gear fell through the floor to the first floor, my pants were ruined. Second time I broke my legs and the pants got ruined

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Confirmed, between the two bunks, pants and all items in them ruined.

Starting to have this issue more and more with the 0.53 update

Yesterday I died on empty server when I came out from civilian building.

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not hard, walk in instead of running, server desync thinks you went threw the wall and fell out the tower... i walk in or crouch and i never break my legs or die

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Thanks for the feedback, however this has already been reported.

Closing as duplicate of #0005169: Instant Death Glitch (Inside Buildings on 2nd or higher level)

Please vote up the original issue to increase visibility, add any extra information in the notes section, and monitor it for further developments.