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Can you think of a way to lock out minors?
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When I started playing videogames there was no Voice over IP. Now, every twelve year old thinks they can use the microphone all the time just because it's there. There is nothing that ruins a zombie apocalypse atmosphere more than a scrappy kid voice asking stupid questions over direct chat.

Could you guys implement something that locks them out of the game until they have grown some intellect?


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YES!! Lock them out then throw away the key and cane their parents with 50 lashes for allowing the little pricks to get online and wall glitch NE ACT. Really though, I know they are going to play but hate the little 12 year old pricks, kids are over rated.... especially when they belong to someone else and glitch ACT wall while calling your black friend the "N" word. Just wanna yank them through the screen and tear that ass up myself, disrespectful little bastards. I hope the little turds go back to CoD after the glitches are fixed and the Bans are working. We already plan for an 18+ only server, you sound 12 on the VOIP... bye bye.

I'm not a minor, but this is a fucking stupid idea.

I don't think it's being taken seriously... seems like sarcasm to me from the start.... you don't "humor" much do you bro?