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Fall to a 7 Foot Death
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My friend and I were in the northern major city of the map. Leaving a supermarket, we decided to jump off the side of the ledge. It was, if I had to guess, 7 feet downward. Landed on our feet and died. I think, if it's like a 10 foot drop, it should at least say "My Leg is Painful" or something along the line of that.


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Walk off a ledge more than 7 feet downward.

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yes^^ if you jump near to electro from a stone wall into a small sea you will die as well. The damage of falling down is way to high, but it is known, so why to try:)

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Thanks for the feedback, however this has already been reported.

Closing as duplicate of #0002590: Legs breaking too easily / Fall damage too high

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