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Lack of experimental servers (0.49)
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Out of all the servers currently on, only 4 of them are working, the rest have zero population and if you try to join them you'll get stuck on either "wait for host" or you'll be kicked shortly after getting to "please wait" with error message "connection was lost"


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Steps To Reproduce

Start the client
Open the server browser
Take note of the empty servers
Try joining an empty server

Additional Information

I can only assume this is something related to a server restarting as servers I was currently playing on restarted and now I'm unable to join them again.

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I had the same problem all day. There were only a couple experimental servers populated, the rest all sat indefinitely on "wait for host" or I lost connection immediately after connecting. Tried for about 4 hours before I gave up and went back to the stable branch servers.

LOL, Hicks at PAX, so no one steering the ship!

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same as vistanvp.
Inpossible to test the new version actually

Still a lack of working servers.

Really disappointed that this is being ignored.

mist3r added a comment.Sep 9 2014, 9:11 AM

yes and the 0.48 stable has this problem, the 0.49 exp has this problem, so they haven't fixed yet, and will go on stable with this annoying issue-.-

Hello RagedDrew,

The devs are continuously working with the experimental servers (both 0.49 and future exp servers), so for this reason players will experience downtime and instability on the servers.