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Aussie Experimental Servers!!!!!! :o(
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The only 2 Australian Experimental servers have stopped or frozen, can U tell me why and can U get them working please! Another thing its a bit unfair that us Aussies only have 2 Experimental servers, when other countries have more than say 5, we need more servers Rocket/BI!


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  1. Fix the frozen servers
  2. Add more Australian Experimental Servers please!

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Totally agree, there were 4 at one stage for both Australia and Now Zealand, now only two and both don't work so at the moment there are none. Please fix this.

There's currently 1 UK server working and 2 or 3 US servers working, they are all breaking.

Still no AU/NZ or Singapore servers available. Looking tonight (NZT) and there are:

  • SWE 0-1
  • SWE 0-2
  • US Central 0-1
  • US Central 0-4
  • US Southeast 0-5
  • US Southeast 0-8

All have a ping > 200.
Please sort out some experimental servers for the southern hemisphere!

AU 0-1 and Singapore 0-1 stuck at 0800 again.