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No control over character or UI while in-game
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While in-game, no controls function. The mouse cannot be use to rotate my character or look around. W, A, S and D do not move my character, the stance change keys (C, X and Z) have no influence, the inventory is inaccessible. ESC does not bring up the menu. The main menu screen works fine, I have checked all the key bindings and run the game in windowed mode. Nothing works. To summarize, The main menu if fine, however, while in-game, it is as if my keyboard and mouse aren't even connected. I can only tab-out. The only way the game can be closed after joining a server is to tab-out and use the task manager to 'End Task'. This is not reproducible by others, only myself. I hope this is enough information for you.


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Start 'DayZ', Join a server. This is all

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*The version is actually 0.48.124737, not 0.49.124857, I apologize for this error.

Also, my Steam account is Tomshotz, don't know if this is needed so I threw it in anyway

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