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Reloading using R in .49 Experimental
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Reloading most (or all) magazines or clips by pressing "R" will result in gun not firing or disappearance of the mag.

  • SKS Stripper clip reloaded by pressing R, gun wouldn't fire. (Pristine Gun and Clip)
  • M1911 Mag (Using R to reload resulted in a disappearance) (Ruined Pistol and Pristine Mag)
  • Sporter 22 (10rnd mag wouldn't fire unless reloaded using drag and drop)


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Steps To Reproduce

1.) Have an unloaded gun (I've only had the SKS)
2.) Using a stripper clip or magazine press "R" to reload
3.) Inventory shows a loaded gun but the gun will not fire and acts as if it's unloaded

Additional Information

It seems like there's no animation when pressing R

Loading using drag and drop seems to work fine

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