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What's up with the extremely fast starvation?
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My character shouldn't become starving within 10 minutes of playing. I was even stopping to pick apples and it did nothing. I would understand increasing the hunger rate just a tad if the time cycle was increased drastically.
Seriously it happened so fast i feel like 2 server days should have gone by.


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Myself and a large group of my clan members downloaded and installed the 0.49 update for Experimental today, 28/08/14.
Every single one of us died multiple times from starvation within a very short time of spawning. We all tried to eat as much as we could, but no matter how much we ate, the "Hunger" message would arise again after a few minutes. We then tried to test how quick the energy from the food ran out. So we all gathered as much food as possible but only one person ate it, me. I consumed 5 cans on Tac Bacon, 2 spaghetti, 1 beans, 2 Tuna, 2 Sardines, 4 cans of soda, 1 zucchini and 3 apples all within around a 15-20 minute period while walking and jogging around a town. I managed to get energized from all this food, BUT the hunger message appeared again within about 5-7 minutes and I was starving and falling unconscious within another 5-10 minutes.

This seriously needs to be rebalance urgently as the game is borderline unplayable and no one is able to test the new mechanics and items as it's just a constant rush for food..... which there is nowhere near enough of as items are not respawning.

Over a 4 hour period every member of my clan died from starvation multiple times, not one person died from other players or Zombies! We also bumped into other players in the town and they all said the same thing, that they were dying before even being able to work out where they were.

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Being cold increases your energy consumption.