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Player stuck in pond after axing a zombie
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I'm stuck in a pond at Chernaya Polona, I constantly sink in to the ground and then go back, it's an infinite loop, I have tried crouching, proning or pressing V etc etc. Nothing of them worked


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There were 2 zombies, one of them was stuck in the pond, the other one came from the city and he just jumped inside to the pond and he didn't even need to swim, he just walked under water and came near to me. I axed the zombie and then I suddenly started sinking inside the water (imagine we're in a swamp and the swamp is constantly pulling me inside) however my position keeps getting reset, to top and then I start going down, this loop is infinite and animation changing did not work.

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In advance I'm at 119 - 013 and If possible I would like to be teleported to 118 - 013 coordinates, I am trying to go to the NWAF.

The last time I was stuck I asked for help here and I was saved from that place however when I came back I was teleported to some place which had a bunch of zombies, they killed me. I lost all my gear. Please don't teleport me to some random area. If you don't have a choice then teleport me to a safe place. Like in a woods or something or maybe close to the NWAF.

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How can I get out of this place?

Hi Tamer,

Thanks for sending in your information. Your problem should now be solved. In case you encounter any further problems, please feel free to open up a new issue in the Feedback Tracker.