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Gunshots sounds not hear-able
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Title basicly say's it all. Very often, however on random occasions. The sound of a player shooting its weapon can not be heard by me. And Vice-versa. Me and my brother have been playing together, he shot several cows however I did not hear a single gunshot in the process. And I had visible confirmation that the cows were dead. Other times it occurs that I get the "Being hurt/taking a hit" sound. But no gunshot to trace where it came from. usually ends in me getting shot anyway as I didnt know where said person shooting was.


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Same problem here.

We have been 2 players. I heard a shot, the other one didnt.
Then the other way around. He heard a shot, I didnt.

The Following apears while using my headphones on my Computer:

The other thing is, that maybe the game is calculating the sound-loudness only on behalf of left-right distance and not by counting the real distance in the really right direction. -> sqr(x²+y²) <-> +-y

You may notice such maybe that way:

  • Hear some constant place shots.
  • turn around slowly.
  • Everytime the shots are in direction of your ears they are loud. If you as example are turning 45° they are not loud or silent.

My Soundcard is a Creative ZxR. Before that I had some Auzentech Forte 7.1 also with a Creative Chip on it. Both felt the same.
Other games dont have this problem.

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Thanks for the feedback, however this has already been reported.

Closing as duplicate of #011461: No gunshot sounds on hardcore/first person

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