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Nearly 1000 hours logged and I met my first verifiable (by his own admission) hacker!
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Wow. I guess I've had a good run, because in the nearly 1000 hours I've logged in the time since the alpha was released, I've never encountered a hacker (or at least one I could verify!). This all changed today on the " Serveur [R22R] Quebec/Montreal"!
I was in Novo hanging out in one of the apartment buildings in the hills and eating on the top floor. I suddenly heard footsteps right beside me and my framerate literally came to a CRAWL. My audio also started to cut in and out like someone was flicking the switch on my 'phones off and on. I managed to draw my Magnum and crouched, but it was literally as though I was doing it all at 5 FPS. I suddenly hear "Hello" in a really forced fake French accent, and turn to my right. A guy in a full blue paramedic outfit, cowboy hat, and shades is standing next to me, so I turn and unload my Magnum into him. He shoots me once, and I'm dead, but I hang out a bit and hear him talking to someone else (at this point the accent is dropped and it's a nasally sounding dude crying because I apparently managed to kill him. LOL
"Oh shit! He could see me!" he says. "I'm fucking dead. I was walking around and I was going to fuck with him a bit, but then I guess he could see me. Shit!"
He starts talking about the hack he was using (which I won't name here as I don't want to advertise it) with the other guy who DOES sound like he's got an accent of some sort, and the other guy's laughing at him. The dude I killed, however, is obviously not amused his keeps wondering aloud "how the fuck did he see me?!"
It sucks I lost my "stable" guy who'd been alive for a few months now, but at least I took the bastard with me.
In closing, I hope he dies of head cancer.


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Hi horrorview,

if you should somehow get to know what hacks people use to hack this game, you may mention them here in the Feedback Tracker. <i><b>BUT</b></i> make sure you make the ticket <i>private</i> then so only the devs can see it.

I thoroughly read what you wrote, but aside of an interesting story, I could not find any issue which could be helpful for the devs. Hence, I'm closing this ticket now.

If you should encounter any issues/bugs/glitches or would like to see some feature implemented, feel free to use the search function if a respective ticket already exists and if not, file a new one here. :)

Kind regards,